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How to setup my email clients or exchange server to use the mail relay

After signing up the mail relay service, you will get the login for the SMTP server,, to send email. To setup your email client, you should:


1. Specify the outgoing SMTP server name as

2. Check the checkbox that the Outgoing SMTP server requires authentication

3. Enter the username/password for the mail relay account.

4. Sometimes, your ISP may block the outgoing SMTP port 25 to send emails. You should change the port to 26, 940, 587, 8001, 80, or 2525.


If you use IP authentication, then you just need to point the outgoing SMTP server to All emails from the IP will will go through without authentication.


We have written instructions on how to configure several common mail programs to work with the our Mail Relay service. If you don't see your mail program listed, consult the program's documentation for instructions on how to set up SMTP with a server that requires authentication.

Instructions to setup email clients:

ThunderBird (Recommended, download the free open source program)
Outlook Express

Windows Live Mail

Instructions to setup your Exchange Server to use smarthost for mail relay

MS Exchange Server 2003 (Smart Host)

MS Exchange Server 2007

MS Exchange Server 2013

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