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What is Private Registration

Private domain registration keeps your personal information, including your name, home address, phone number and email address, out of the public eyes. You have the option of getting a private domain registration with every domain you register with us.

ICANN, the governing body of domain names requires every registrar to maintain a publicly accessible WHOIS directory for all domains that are registered.  This means your personal information is made available to anyone who wants to see it. Thus it will expose your personal information to spammers, scammers, telemarketers and a whole host of unsavory characters.  A private domain registration can prevent data exposure.

With private domain registration, we register your domain with our whois data and becomes the Registrant of the record. However, you are the legal owner of the domain and retain the rights to:

  • cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain
  • set up the name servers for your domain
  • resolve disputes involving your domain

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