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My ISP blocks SMTP port 25. Can I still host a mail server?

A.   You can run your e-mail server on other none-standard SMTP ports - 26 or 940. Mail Redirection service will help you go around the incoming port 25 blocking. When signing up for the service, you will be asked for the email server name and port (either 26 or 940). Our email server,, will be assigned as the primary mail exchanger for the domain. Emails to your domain will be re-routed to your server at the SMTP ports specified in the setup.

If you still can not receive emails for the domain after setting up the mail redirection, it is very possible your email server is not setup correctly. You can use Mail Relay Testing Tool to test if if you mail server is configured correctly to accept emails for your domain.

Your ISP may also blocks outgoing SMTP port to prevent you sending emails. In this case, you should also signup for Mail Relay service. The service allows you to send out emails through port 26 or 940.

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