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How can I use your dynamic DNS for DVR or Webcam

To use our dynamic DNS service for your web camera or DVR system, you must have a computer running at your network to update the IP automatically. Our dynamic DNS won't directly support your dyn DNS built in to your web cam or DVR system. So you must dedicate a computer running at your network to update the IP. You can either use our free secondary domain or use your own domain name for your DVR or web cam system. You first setup the DNS for the hostname or subdomain, then you download our dynamic DNS client and install it on any computer behind the router to update your chosen hostname/subdomain.


Remember you must forward the port that the DVR or web cam running at the router to the LAN IP address of the DVR/web cam. You may check our FAQ for port forwarding.


After all, you should be able to use URL address like (assume you run your web cam at port 8080) to reach your DVR.

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