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I have my servers behind DSL/Cable Modem Routers. Can I still use your DNS services?

A.   Yes. The IP address of your subdomain (or host) will be the router's IP address assigned by your ISP. If you want to run your own web server, ftp server or email server, you will need to forward the corresponding ports on the router to the machine. The following ports are the most commonly used ports:

  • 80 - www
  • 21 - ftp
  • 25 - email(SMTP)

Suppose you have domain and you would like to host . First, find your router's IP address by typing on your browser. Use that IP address for Then, login to the machine to host the web server, to find the local IP address, at command prompt type command ipconfig for NT or ifconfig for Linux/Unix. The IP address you see at the command will be the LAN IP for your server. Suppose you got the IP . You will need to forward port 80 from the router to port 80 at . The followings are Step by Step guide on how to setup port forwarding on routers:

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