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My IP is different from the IP entered at

  • Make sure your domain is using and only using DNS Exit name servers. You can check it with DOS/Linux command (assume your domain is          
  • c:\> nslookup -type=ns
  • You should see only name servers. Otherwise, the domain's DNS on our system is not taking effect since queries to your domain are resolved by other name servers.
  • For updates to your dynamic IP, the new IP can take up to 2 minutes to take effect. You may want to wait a little longer and try again.
  • Within 2 days after switching your domain name servers to our name servers, your ISP DNS servers may be still caching your domain IP address getting from previous domain name servers while it was static IP.In this case, other people may getting the correct IP address of your domain while you are getting the old IP address. You can check if other name servers are reporting correct IP for your domain by using the following DOS/Linux/Unix command:
  • c:\> nslookup     //hit enter
    > server NS10.NBA-HQ.COM
        //Or enter one of the following name servers
      //Just an example, replace it with one of your subdomain/host
    The list of name servers you can try: NS10.NBA-HQ.COM; NS20.NBA-HQ.COM;; CHAOS.LDGO.COLUMBIA.EDU

  • Login to your DnsExit account, bring up the DNS for your domain and check what is the IP in the system. Then you should query what IP address is reported by our name servers by using DOS/Linux command: c:\> nslookup
    > server
        // Specify what name server to query IP. You may also try
      //Just an example, replace it with one of your subdomain/host
    The reported IP address should be the same as the IP address of your domain. However,in some rare occassions for unknown reasons, our DNS server could fail to reload the domain zone file after the update.In this case, you can manually force the update by bringing up the DNS for your domain at and clicking on the SUBMIT button at the buttom of the page to force an update. Wait for 2 minutes and try the above DNS query again. Your should see the correct IP of your domain.

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