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I register the domain other place. How can I use DNSExit's DNS?

To use our DNS service, you need to point the domain name servers to our name servers:,,, Our DNS does support all top level and country code domains.


The domain's current registrar should provide you user interface to change the domain's name servers. If you don't know how to do that, please contact the domain's current registrar. Before you change the domain's name server to our name servers, you should setup DNS for the domain at your account with us. Remember that switch domain's name servers may take up to 48 hours to get fully propagated. At the first few hours, the queries to your domain may still go to the old name servers to resolve. To know which name servers is resolving is domain name, you can use DOS/Linux command (assume your domain name is


   c:>> nslookup -type=ns


If you see our name servers listed after the command, then the name servers of the domain have been switched to our name servers at your location.



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