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The recipient does not receive the email. How can I do?

If you got any emails not received, you can login to your DNS Exit account and check the usage log under Mail Relay. If you don't see the sending at the usage log, then the email may not be sent trough our mail server. Bear in mind that the usage log may have a few minutes in delay to list your email sendings.


There is a Trace link for each eamil sending and you can click on the link to see if the email was delivered or not. If the email was not delivered, you can use Fix Mail Delivery Problem to fix that. 99% of the time we are able to fix non-delivery email problems if the the problem is on our end.


Sometimes you may ask the recipients to check the Junk folder or Spam folder to see if the email ends up there due to mistakes made by their anti-spam program.

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