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My domain uses Mail Backup service, how do I check queued emails and how do I get my emails?

A.   If your domain uses our Mail Backup service,our mail backup server will queue your emails only when your mail server is not available. 


Your emails on our server should get dequeued to your mail server automatically after your email server comes back online. You shouldn't need to do anything to dequeue your emails.


To check if there are queued emails for your domain, login to your DNS Exit account and click on the "little yellow email icon" next to the domain to enter "Backup MX Panel" for the domain. Then you should see the button "Check Spooled Email" to view queued up emails  on our servers for your domain.


If you want to let your users to access their infividule emails, you will need to turn on "Mail Rescue" to flush your emails to our mail rescue server, where your users will be able to use web mail or POP/IMAP to get their emails.







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